ISST is pleased to offer SEMINARS on a variety of topics providing you the opportunity to learn through lectures and Q & A sessions. These seminars offer you a direct access to acquire the understanding of tried and true training methods and techniques. The seminar formats are custom designed by ISST to suit your individual requirement. When you book a seminar, we will work closely with you to build it so that your clients get the most out of their experience.

Also, you’ve got an option to book a TRAINING CAMP with ISST and experience this unique firsthand practical learning experience aimed to educate you in the specific subjects of your choice. The training camp not only shows you how to implement the theoretical knowledge but also develops your personal skills by showing you exactly how to practice the advanced training systems.

The subjects available for learning are:

  1. Olympic Weightlifting techniques
  2. Advanced Powerlifting techniques
  3. Bodybuilding and hypertrophy methods for an advanced lifter
  4. Applications of Conditioning for Strength methods
  5. Training methods to maximize strength and power output
  6. Diet and Nutrition
  7. Fat Loss

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