Why Weak-Point Training Doesn’t Work

Note: This article discusses weak point training in terms of strength training as applicable to Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting, not Bodybuilding. Weak point training regarding bodybuilding will be discussed in an upcoming article.

Most coaches spew Weak-Point training as the master solution to end all of your training related miseries.

Weak off the chest in Bench Press – Spoto Press.

Hard time locking out the deadlift – Rack-Pulls.

Lack of power in the Squats – Box Squats.

But is it working perfectly for you? If Yes, you can quit reading here and enjoy your gains. But if your answer is No, then read on.

The BEST-Ever Training for Big Biceps & Triceps – 1

Big biceps & triceps

A vast majority of men step into the gym with a goal of building boulder biceps & horseshoe triceps and the picture of Arnold’s huge 22” arms in mind. Yet, lifters with ‘puny’ arms are a common sight in gyms across the country.

If we carry out a survey of all the male lifters in the 20 to 40 age group and ask them if they would like to have bigger arms? At least, 80 % of them will respond in affirmative. Off-course, rest of the 20% would be lying.