The Strength Legends: Dara Singh


Late Dara Singh is one of the forgotten wrestling legends of our country. Those who remember him mostly know him for his role of ‘Hanuman’ in the Ramanand Sagar’s epic ‘Ramayana’. The accomplishments he achieved throughout late 40’s upto early 80’s in wrestling world have faded out of most people’s memories. Now, when people have piqued interest in wrestling due to inspiration drawn from movies like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Sultan’, it’s a nice time to remember the former world champion of wrestling. read more

Negative Motivation

The successful people derive their motivation from pain. They channelize their negative emotions and thoughts into creating some sort of art form. Don’t wait for the things to settle down before you take some action to move forward. When you feel comfortable with your situation, you lose the drive; but when you’re in pain, you do whatever is necessary to get out of the rut. Negative emotions like pain are the best motivators you’ll ever find. read more