Facilitate Recovery By Modulating Frequency

Recovery is the numero uno priority for advance lifters. Beginners and intermediates can survive quite a while without any special recovery interventions due to lack of overall intensity, but advanced lifters will burn out without employing proper recovery methods. The amount of intensity high-level lifters are able to generate during workouts is incomparable to lower lifters. And with great power comes great responsibility. The recovery needs are paramount at advanced levels. read more

What Hath Night To Do With Sleep?

John Milton in his magnum opus, Paradise Lost, was not necessarily talking about the modern man’s insomniac tendencies. Rather he, being a sedulous, hardworking scholar and a blind poet could be indifferent towards it. Nevertheless, many people face trouble getting a sound sleep these days. Oddly enough, few consider the lack of sleep as a bragging right. You may seem to work just fine with less sleep but soon it will catch up to you. Sleeping inadequately doesn’t make you a tough guy, rather it can convert you into a limp-wristed, pansy, skinny-fat, retard train wreck (1-3). read more

How Important Is Workout Nutrition

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There is a lot of hype surrounding the ideal protocol for workout nutrition. Lots of studies stress the importance of pre, during & post workout nutrition. Likewise, lots of absurd claims have been made regarding some specific supplemental regimes to maximize the window of opportunity around workout duration. Most of the authors making such claims work for supplement manufacturing companies or are funded by them. read more