3 Time Tested Methods To Build Tree-Trunk Thighs

A huge and well-developed pair of thighs is a prerequisite for bodybuilding. In fact, leg development of current bodybuilders is what separates them from yesteryear champions. Legs are a massive muscle group and can contribute significantly to the overall lean mass that a bodybuilder can carry. Chicken legs not only butchers your machismo but also costs significant points in competition by spoiling the aesthetics of X-frame down below. read more

Periodization For Muscle Gain

Periodization is generally employed for strength and performance goals. Its use for strict hypertrophy or bodybuilding is not known widely. Most bodybuilders do not employ any systematically planned progression; instead, they use different intensification techniques to increase stimulation time to time. A seasoned bodybuilder who’s in synch with his physiology knows instinctively when to go full throttle and when to back down a little on intensity. But to those who lack experience, it all appears haphazard. read more