Why Weak-Point Training Doesn’t Work

Note: This article discusses weak point training in terms of strength training as applicable to Powerlifting & Olympic Weightlifting, not Bodybuilding. Weak point training regarding bodybuilding will be discussed in an upcoming article. read more

Specificity vs Adaptation

From the desk of Coach Glenn Pendlay

Everyone knows how to make the body adapt.  Simply do an exercise that you have not done before.  Or do several sets in a rep range that is outside the norm.  You will get sore, but over the next few days the soreness will go away, and when you repeat the exercise again and again, you will have less soreness each time.  Eventually, you will have none.  The body has adapted. read more

Master The Mid Hang Position

Best Method to Learn the Mid Hang Position in Snatch

The Mid Hang position is the first step in establishing the solid positioning for Snatch. In this position, the bar starts approximately at the level of mid to upper thighs. This puts the lifter in the start position of the second pull. The second pull is the phase of explosive pulling and full extension. read more