3 Step Formula For Unlimited Confidence

Confidence is the reflection of success. Successful people are inherently confident. That’s why many people try to fake this trait of winners; they are trying to fake success which is not there. Let me tell you that most of the time, fakers DO NOT make it. Why?… because they don’t have a stable base of real success to support their ‘confidential’ structure. A mild blow of reality check is enough to collapse their house of cards. And these people end up with an even lower confidence state than earlier. It is devastating for the mind and the spirit. read more

104 Year Old Still Hitting The Gym

Pearl Harbor vet Ray Chavez

You’re sticking to your gym routine diligently. You’re working hard and following a solid plan. Your motivation was sky high when you embarked upon this program, but on the way, your progress slowed down like glacial movement. You start losing your motivation. And then comes the family event like some marriage function (we’re in the midst of marriage season) leaving your gym progress in jeopardy. read more