Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) is the tilting of the pelvis in the forward direction more than normal. This gives the affected person a protruded-glutes look
similar to Donald duck. Other visual cues include an increased lower back curvature (lordosis) and sticking out abdomen even if you don’t have a fat gut. Further investigation of the muscular system may also reveal tight hip flexors, gluteal dysfunction or weaker abdominal muscles. read more

Why Bench Press Hurts

benchpress Serge nubret

Despite the everlasting love for this exercise and devoting every Monday as the National Bench Press day, you are still in dismay. The cause of your sorrow is, gasp, bench press hurts you. You worked hard and heavy on this exercise, and it finally started to progress. But just when the fruits of your labor were about to spring, bench press injured you. read more

How To Fix Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is very common malady among lifters. The shoulder joint is a very shallow ball & socket joint consisting of glenoid cavity of scapula and head of the humerus. It is surrounded by the coracoid process, acromion process and lateral side of the clavicle. The shallowness of the shoulder joint provides it a huge range of motion. It also makes it susceptible to more injuries. read more