Determining Your Genetic Potential

We had discussed earlier that your response to training is directly linked to your genetics and lineage, then your age, gender, caste, race, the initial level of fitness or experience. This has been confirmed as true by many studies, not only for strength but also for many other fitness parameters. read more

Genetic Potential: Myth Or Reality?

Straight talk on the topic of genetic potential/limit trips off many people. Some are illusioned to believe that anyone can achieve the Olympic level performance or a Pro-Bodybuilderesque physique if provided good training, nutrition, supplements, and rest. Others are too narrow-minded in their thinking that they accuse anyone with some good build or strength of steroid use. read more

What Hath Night To Do With Sleep?

John Milton in his magnum opus, Paradise Lost, was not necessarily talking about the modern man’s insomniac tendencies. Rather he, being a sedulous, hardworking scholar and a blind poet could be indifferent towards it. Nevertheless, many people face trouble getting a sound sleep these days. Oddly enough, few consider the lack of sleep as a bragging right. You may seem to work just fine with less sleep but soon it will catch up to you. Sleeping inadequately doesn’t make you a tough guy, rather it can convert you into a limp-wristed, pansy, skinny-fat, retard train wreck (1-3). read more