Periodization For Muscle Gain

Periodization is generally employed for strength and performance goals. Its use for strict hypertrophy or bodybuilding is not known widely. Most bodybuilders do not employ any systematically planned progression; instead, they use different intensification techniques to increase stimulation time to time. A seasoned bodybuilder who’s in synch with his physiology knows instinctively when to go full throttle and when to back down a little on intensity. But to those who lack experience, it all appears haphazard. read more

A Tip For Big Biceps

Stop heaving on bicep exercises. It does more harm than good. When you use extra momentum to curl weight, it shifts tension from biceps to elsewhere. Taking the example of Barbell Curl – the most abused biceps exercise, the lower back gets the weight moving at the start and the shoulders let you finish it. On the eccentric gravity does its job, biceps are just floating along. read more

5 Tips To Get Big

1. Forget The Mantra, “Go Heavy Or Go Home”.

Go heavy motto suits best to pure strength training and powerlifting, not muscle building. Certainly, size and strength are co-related but they’re mutually exclusive as well. It means that you can grow bigger without resorting to heavy loading methods all the time. In fact, it’s been shown that a lighter load of 30% of 1 RM produced equal hypertrophy gains as a heavier 80% load (Cameron). read more