The BEST-Ever Training for Big Biceps & Triceps – 3

Programming for Best Biceps & Triceps Training

Providing the listing of exercises is not of any use unless particular programming specifications are prescribed along with. It is just like a doctor telling the patient only the name of the medicines without telling him the appropriate dosage, timing, and any interactions. read more

The BEST-Ever Training for Big Biceps & Triceps – 2

Everybody wants to build big arms, but nobody wants to apply ‘nuff logic.


Well, science not only appears cumbersome to most but also an over-kill. So, most trainers, as well as trainees, shut down their critical thinking when it comes down to training guns which is evident from the way they program arm training in their routines. read more

The BEST-Ever Training for Big Biceps & Triceps – 1

A vast majority of men step into the gym with a goal of building boulder biceps & horseshoe triceps and the picture of Arnold’s huge 22” arms in mind. Yet, lifters with ‘puny’ arms are a common sight in gyms across the country. read more

Upper Chest Specialization

Lagging upper chest is a common weak point among bodybuilders. Very few bodybuilders are lucky enough to possess genetic ability to get a full chest just from a single exercise like bench press, but the majority of lifters need a direct focus. Even a genetic phenom like Arnold Schwarzenegger had a weak upper chest as a young bodybuilder. So chances are that your upper pecs also need some focused attention to catch up. read more

3 Time Tested Methods To Build Tree-Trunk Thighs

A huge and well-developed pair of thighs is a prerequisite for bodybuilding. In fact, leg development of current bodybuilders is what separates them from yesteryear champions. Legs are a massive muscle group and can contribute significantly to the overall lean mass that a bodybuilder can carry. Chicken legs not only butchers your machismo but also costs significant points in competition by spoiling the aesthetics of X-frame down below. read more