The BEST-Ever Training for Big Biceps & Triceps – 1

Big biceps & triceps

A vast majority of men step into the gym with a goal of building boulder biceps & horseshoe triceps and the picture of Arnold’s huge 22” arms in mind. Yet, lifters with ‘puny’ arms are a common sight in gyms across the country.

If we carry out a survey of all the male lifters in the 20 to 40 age group and ask them if they would like to have bigger arms? At least, 80 % of them will respond in affirmative. Off-course, rest of the 20% would be lying.

Upper Chest Specialization

Lagging upper chest is a common weak point among bodybuilders. Very few bodybuilders are lucky enough to possess genetic ability to get a full chest just from a single exercise like bench press, but the majority of lifters need a direct focus. Even a genetic phenom like Arnold Schwarzenegger had a weak upper chest as a young bodybuilder. So chances are that your upper pecs also need some focused attention to catch up. read more

3 Time Tested Methods To Build Tree-Trunk Thighs

A huge and well-developed pair of thighs is a prerequisite for bodybuilding. In fact, leg development of current bodybuilders is what separates them from yesteryear champions. Legs are a massive muscle group and can contribute significantly to the overall lean mass that a bodybuilder can carry. Chicken legs not only butchers your machismo but also costs significant points in competition by spoiling the aesthetics of X-frame down below. read more