Specificity vs Adaptation

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From the desk of Coach Glenn Pendlay

Everyone knows how to make the body adapt.  Simply do an exercise that you have not done before.  Or do several sets in a rep range that is outside the norm.  You will get sore, but over the next few days the soreness will go away, and when you repeat the exercise again and again, you will have less soreness each time.  Eventually, you will have none.  The body has adapted.

The Hepburn Method: How to increase your strength by 120 LBS (55 KG)

hepburn method

Review of The Doug Hepburn Method of Strength

Doug Hepburn (16/9/1926 to 22/11/2000), full name Douglas Ivan Hepburn, was a Canadian weightlifter and strongman who won the gold medal at the 1952 World Weightlifting Championships and was inducted into Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame (1953).

Hepburn was dominant in the strength training world during the 50’s and was touted as “world’s strongest man” for his feats of strength.

Facilitate Recovery By Modulating Frequency

Recovery is the numero uno priority for advance lifters. Beginners and intermediates can survive quite a while without any special recovery interventions due to lack of overall intensity, but advanced lifters will burn out without employing proper recovery methods. The amount of intensity high-level lifters are able to generate during workouts is incomparable to lower lifters. And with great power comes great responsibility. The recovery needs are paramount at advanced levels. read more


Periodization is a very complex topic. It has diverse applications in numerous sports. Many accomplished sports authors had presented their versions of periodization in various publications. But still, it is a mind-numbing topic for most individuals. Today we’ll attempt to understand periodization from a layman’s view. We’ll try to eliminate as much technical jargon as possible to make it understandable even for the non-reader.