How To Undo The Diwali & New-Year Binge

Diwali and New-Year time is the merrymaking time in our country. People all around the country enjoy the holidays by visiting friends/relatives, relishing good food, and having plain ol’ fun.

But for a dieter in the midst of his strict dieting and training, it’s a time of great dilemma and despair. All this fun and indulgence appears like intentionally ruining the progress. Moreover, Diwali time constitutes a group of many festivals clustered together; and once the dietary ball is dropped, a one time binge easily converts into a feast lasting many days.

But now, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here we’re presenting a training and dietary arrangement to work this intentional binge into your favor.

Lay Out of Your Damage Control Plan

This plan consists of three phases lasting over a period of 6 days.

  1. Pre Diwali/New Year Phase : 3 Days
  2. Diwali/New Year Day: 1 Day
  3. Post-Diwali/New Year Phase: 2 Days

Pre Diwali/New Year Phase

During this phase, you follow a carb depletion plan for three days straight. Your diet will be devoid of carbs regardless the type of diet you’ve been following to date. Even if you’ve been following a ketogenic diet, you need to take the carb depletion up a few notches to equilibrate the upcoming dietary catastrophe.

You’ll also be performing a handsome amount of low-intensity cardio in conjunction with your regular resistance/weight training.

Here’s your 3-day schedule before the big Diwali feast:


Pre Morning Cardio: A cup of black coffee (preferably without sugar)

Breakfast: 4 to 5 whole eggs with a small amount of veggies

Lunch: A low carb MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) shake in water

Pre & Post Workout: Whey Protein Shake in water

Dinner: 150 to 250 grams of chicken/meat with a small salad

Before Bed: A low carb MRP shake in water plus a spoonful of peanut butter



  • A 40 minutes session of any type of low-intensity cardio in the morning.
  • A 20 to 30 minutes walk after dinner.

Resistance/Weight Training:

Keep doing your regular program as usual.

Diwali/New Year Day

This day is a very busy day for most individuals, attending and greeting guests and visitors along with visiting relatives and closed ones. But a dedicated lifter doesn’t forget to get his dose of fitness amidst all this busyness.

So on this day, we’ll suggest waking up early enough to get at least a 20 to 30 minutes session of low-intensity cardio in the morning.

Have a protein shake post cardio, and about a couple hours later sneak in a short and intense workout session.

After this training session, you’re ready to indulge in some dirty ass binging. Enjoy your day by devouring as many carbs as you wish. Later in the day do not forget to get some lean protein in.

Also, take some good quality digestive enzymes to help out your stomach. You’ll thank me later.

Post-Diwali/New Year Phase

Day 1 after Diwali feast you’ll perform an intermittent fasting. You will not have any meals until noon and will resume with your normal diet plan afterward. You may look bloated on this day but do not worry, the crispness of your physique is about to return in a day.

Day 2 is the normal diet day without any intermittent fasting, and this day you may find that all the bloating and water retention is gone leaving your muscles pretty tight and full. Now you are back on track and ready to advance your fitness journey.

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