Negative Motivation

The successful people derive their motivation from pain. They channelize their negative emotions and thoughts into creating some sort of art form. Don’t wait for the things to settle down before you take some action to move forward. When you feel comfortable with your situation, you lose the drive; but when you’re in pain, you do whatever is necessary to get out of the rut. Negative emotions like pain are the best motivators you’ll ever find.

If you look closely at the past lives of today’s winners, you’ll find a common denominator which drives these people to succeed. Some fought impoverishment and lack of resources; others try to live up to the expectations of a domineering parent even if this parent is no more. Few got fed up of their incompetent boss and started their own journey of success. Many get their desire to succeed from a sense of fear or guilt.

The thing is that often times you’ll find that some very negative thoughts and sentiments had motivated the winners to overcome their challenges and start winning.

You too can use the unpleasant things and incidents in your life to your advantage. Stop observing such incidents as crippling; instead use them as a rude wake-up call to get started and take action. Usually, the negative happenings are not permanent; they just pose a temporary challenge for you. You should accept these challenges. Tackle them with full force and vigor until all the negativity turns into positivity.

Let’s say you have been an overweight and fat person all your life. You had suffered the cheeky comments, social withdrawal syndrome and humiliation of being overweight. One day you had enough, and you begin your fat loss journey. You successfully lose an appreciable amount of weight and finally get slimmer. Now instead of kneeling down before petty temptations every now and then, and yoyoing your weight up and down; use the power of fear to keep you strong. You don’t want to feel the same way as you once felt, so stick to your lifestyle changes and keep marching forward.

Feed yourself negative motivation for positive reinforcements. By doing so you’ll overcome your hesitation and dread of failure. Winning will become a habit.

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