The Pigeonhole Syndrome

In mathematics, the pigeonhole principle states that if n items are put into m containers, with n > m, then at least one container must contain more than one item. This principle has several generalizations and truisms that can be stated in various real life situations.

Let’s say you’ve 3 pigeons to be placed in two pigeonholes. However you may arrange them, you’ll always have two pigeons in one pigeonhole. It is simply obvious, right? This is what you do when it comes to different nutritional and training programs. You just label them according to your perspective and put the similar ones in the same category. Example, for most people low carb and ketogenic diet are in the same hole, similarly many people treat an accumulation block and high volume Arnoldesque training as same.

The Trouble In Pigeonholing

The problem with pigeonholing yourself is that you recognize yourself to be a member of a particular category that appeals you most, say HIT style lifting or Ketogenic diet, even when you aren’t making any progress. Next, you forbid some methods just because you tag them together and put them on your spam list. This is just a straw man set up making you narrow-minded. You’re simply closing your eyes towards the other available options.

There are a variety of ways people keep pigeonholing themselves. Someone would say, “I don’t like to restrict my eating through diet, I prefer to burn calories by exercise.” Now even though this person hasn’t made any significant progress in months, still he/she isn’t willing to make the most deciding change that could break his/her weight loss plateau.

How To Stop Procrastinating

People fell into categories because it makes them feel committed, and gives them a feeling of being a part of a group or brand. No one is a stranger to the power of branding in the current era.

But you’ll become much smarter by experiencing new things and assessing the outcomes, instead of being a part of the herd. Your commitment to your brand is not your identity.

Be open, and be skeptical. There is always more than one way to skin a cat. Keep your focus only on results because nothing else matters.

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