How To Cultivate A Never Say Die Attitude

Do you know someone who’s a real cynic? What sets him apart from a normal person? Why is a cynic always unhappy and anxious?

The answer is the attitude.

A cynic’s attitude lacks appreciation or gratitude. It’s been shown that gratitude makes people happy, and relieves anxiety, stress, and depression (Alex M). Negative attitude impacts your mental peace and also infects those surrounding you. Your attitude determines how you perceive the world, your success, and your failure. It controls your whole life.

Never Say Die Attitude

Have you met someone who was so full of enthusiasm and energy, that it made you wonder, “Damn, how could anyone be so indomitable?” It was the “Never Say Die” attitude which that person displayed.  Such an attitude not only makes you a happier person but also takes you to higher levels of success (Madhu S).

Here’s a list of habits that will help you get rid of despair, and cultivate a never say die attitude.

  • Don’t let the momentary failures detract you from moving forward.

Failure is not the lack of success, it’s the lack of determination to hustle. It’s a temporary state which can be reversed by taking appropriate actions and perseverance. If you have a good enough goal then it doesn’t matter how much tries it takes you to succeed. Keep trying until you nail it.

If you focus on failure, you fail; if you focus on success, you succeed. It’s that simple.

  • Have a goal that makes you aspire high.

Always set an outcome based goal in front of you. A person without a definite goal is lost. Don’t be that person. And your goal has to be high enough to motivate you perpetually. If you don’t aspire high, you’ll never be great.

  • Discard negativity and embrace positiveness.

Quite often, the best sources of negativity are the closest people around you. They may try to ‘help’ you out and may give you ‘logical’ reasons to explain the inadequacy of your success plan. But you need to be thick-skinned to discard all the negativity surrounding you. On close observance, you’ll find that the most negative people are those who themselves failed to achieve their own success.

Always try to stir in as much positivity in your thoughts as you can. Read motivational works and inspiring stories, talk with your mentors or engage in positive self-talk. If needed, utter loudly to yourself when alone.

  • Pay attention to grooming.

Grooming doesn’t require expensive toiletries or branded apparels. It means to stay clean and look sharp. Dirty dogs only inspire loathe, not confidence. A man with a self-respect also treats his body with respect. Always wear a neat and nicely fitting dress. You definitely don’t have to wear a suit daily but make an effort to wear a groovy dress shirt or t-shirt. By the way, only men with a manly build look good in t-shirts, so work towards it if you don’t look like a man yet.

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